Thursday, January 30, 2014

Creating Online Courses - The Best Practices to follow! Contd...2

Initially, my view is to give readers an complete idea about Creating Online Courses, and it should help readers understand efficiently, hence it prompted me to use infographics to explain in three different parts, the first on How do I begin my course? followed by How do I present the course content and manage learners? If you want to read those blogs please click on the titles.

Mobile Learning is an rapidly growing segment in the eLearning market that the future learning can be taught using mobile devices. A new trend emerged on this and you can read about it here

I'd like to thank my blog readers for their wonderful support and with their support, here I post the last part of my blog Creating Online Courses - The Best Practices to follow! which would give the final draft on How do I Conclude my course?


How do I conclude my Course?


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