Wednesday, January 29, 2014

EPUB3 – What's New?


EPUB3 – These days when I come across this term on the web or from ebook developers and publishers, it doesn't give me the same vibes that I had for it initially. Since EPUB3 has been around for over a year now, whatever news that you get to hear is just a refined reminder on what the standard is all about. But once in a while you get to hear about a few ground breaking news about EPUB3 and it always comes from the people who are involved with it's making.

What's New

This March, Book Industry Study Group (BISG) will be bringing Markus Gylling (CTO of the IDPF and Chair of IDPF's EPUB 3 Working Group) and Bill Kasdorf (VP of Apex Content Solutions Chair of BISG's Content Structure Committee) to an hour-long webcast where they'll present about the latest developments in the EPUB3 ecosystem.

What's in it for Publishers

Publishers who are looking to venture into digital publishing are bound to have varied notions about EPUB3. But how to go about including EPUB3 features in ebooks is the key question I presume. This webcast will be addressing that very question and more. This webcast is set to cover

EPUB3 samples with a guide for fixed layout formatThis helps publishers and developers to get an idea on how the output EPUB3 looks and can also be a reference

EPUB3 resources like EPUBCheck tool, Conformance Test Suite etcThis helps publishers check compliance of their EPUB to the standardization

Reference through the Readium EPUB3 ReaderThis reader showcases the entire fleet of EPUB3 features and is a strong reference for publishers and developers

Exposure to the EPUB3.1 updateThis will help publishers and developers understand and prepare for upcoming features like Indexes, Dictionaries, Advanced Layouts like Hybrid Layout

What's in it for Users

On the other hand, publishers and developers must take into account what are all the reader applications that support EPUB3 standard. Honestly though, there are no readers currently available in the market with complete EPUB3 support. But no need to get disheartened since reader apps like Lektz do support the essentials of EPUB3. Therefore users can get to understand from the webcast how they can still experience the EPUB enhancements using such EPUB3 compatible readers for their iOS, Android devices and PCs.

I would definitely spend an hour getting all these fundamental guides, tools and updates from the shakers and movers of EPUB3 themselves. And I do recommend this to anyone who is looking for the same. You can register for this webcast using the link below.



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