Thursday, January 30, 2014

What’s new – nothing but V3.1.1

In our day to day activities we come across a lot of new stuffs roaming around us clobbering our ears with their exciting features. You can classify this blog as one among them that emphasise the importance of Lektz ‘Android’ update V3.1.1.

Lektz android reader update v3.1.1

Lektz free android reader available in Google play store with nearly 5000 installs and 3+ rating has come up with a new update V3.1.1. Whenever an app gets an update, users would imagine that it’ll be groundbreaking changes that shift the paradigm upside down. But that may be a case in fantasy apps but surely not with Lektz reader.

Lektz android reader update V3.1.1 progressively noted down the miniature levels of bugs and errors that disturbs our users’ reading experience. This update will serve our readers by providing a hassle-free & classic reading environment to indulge their thoughts in the book and not in the reader or device.

Quick look on the points of your interest,

What’s new – Tap navigation to flip pages, classic icon free reader view, sharing on Twitter.

Bug fixes – Increased page progression speed, Audio and Video player bugs fixed, unexpected crash errors fixed.

What’s cooking – Media overlay support and DAISY support.

Any product is not useful if it spends lifetime in inventory, it achieves the purpose only when laid on the hands of consumers. We’d like to hear your feedback on our reader performance to build a robust reader in the industry.

Pass on your valuable comments on Lektz forums for immediate remedies.


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